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St Patrick's Primary School, Cullyhanna

P6 January and February News

7th Mar 2022

World Around Us 

In world around us we have been learning about climate change. Did you know that some people use sandbags to try and prevent flooding? Also did you know that the eye of the hurricane is the calmest part and that tornados form when warm air rises up from the ground towards the clouds? We also started a new topic about the Rainforest. The biggest rainforest is the Amazon. The plants of the rainforest produce most of the Earth's oxygen. I hope you enjoyed hearing about what we did in WAU as I loved learning about it.

By Freya Muckian

World Around Us 

At start of January and February 2022 we were learning about materials. Wood comes from two trees called Deciduous trees and Evergreen trees. Glass is made by melting sand to a very high temperature. Glass has many useful properties like being hard and transparent. This means it can be used for windows, glasses and cups. Plastic is made from oil and acid. Plastic does not break easily but it can be reused and recycled. Materials can be natural or man-made. Wood, stone, feather, sand and ice are all natural materials. Glass, plastic, paint, metal, paper and concrete are all man made.

By Holly Conlon


In January, we were learning about fables. A fable is a short story which usually has animals as main characters Iin February we wrote our own story about king Arthur. We learnt about fantastical beasts and made up our own. We wrote stories about our fantastical beasts. In March we learnt  about clauses and commas. We learnt when to use its and it’s.

By Caitlin Myles


In January we have been multiplying by 12s. I did enjoy it. In February we have been learning about fractions, I loved it. We have learning about different types of fractions and how to use them. We learned about improper fractions, ordering fractions, equivalent fractions and working out a fraction of a set. My favourite type of fraction was a fraction of a set because I really enjoyed it. My second favourite type of fraction are equivalent fractions they were really fun. 

By Conor McArdle