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St Patrick's Primary School, Cullyhanna

November in Primary 4

30th Nov 2021

We've had another busy month in Primary 4 with lots of new things to learn.

After the mid-term break we finished off our topic on 'School Long Ago' by experiencing what it was like in an old school classroom.  Mrs Murphy turned off the lights, sat the boys and girls separately, had a dunces hat and used a long ruler as a cane.  We had to learn our 3 R's - Reading, Writing & Arithmetic.  We didn't like having to stand and recite our tables or when we had to wear the dunces hat.  It is nice to know that school has changed for the better.

In literacy we have been learning how to use a thesaurus to find synonyms which can make our writing much more interesting.  We found that there are lots of overused words and had a challenge to find replacements for them.

In numeracy we have been looking at decomposition and fractions.  We got to practise lots of subtraction using decomposition and some of us even tried it on larger numbers.  When we were learning about fractions we really enjoyed the 'Pizza Challenge' where we had to make a pizza that someone ordered.

During November we also commenced our football skills with Ciaran McKeever.  Every Tuesday afternoon we get to work on our skills and play games for 30 mins.  We love learning new skills and really enjoy the game at the end.

At the start of the month our class were rewarded with their trip to the park, having been the best class in Accelerated Reader for 7 weeks.  We had a great time playing with our friends and so we will keep working hard so that we can get back again soon.