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St Patrick's Primary School, Cullyhanna

P6 May News

1st Jun 2022


In numeracy we have been learning about factors. For example the factors of 20 are 1-20  2-10  4-5. We have also been learning what are prime and square numbers, square numbers are my favourite. Prime numbers only have two factors, the number itself and the number 1. We have also learnt about fractions, decimals and percentages which I thought was hard at first but now I think it is easy.

By Ellen Duffy

World Around us 

This month in topic we were learning about three things: Myriapods, The Titanic and The Tribes of the Rainforest. We learnt that there are two different types of Myriapods, The Centipede and The Millipede. Centipedes have one pair of legs in each section while the Millipede has two pairs of legs in each section. We also learnt four of the many tribes of the rainforest including. They are The Korub Tribe, The Kayapo Tribe, The Tupi Tribe and The Panara Tribe. The latest thing we have started to learn about is the Titanic. I think it is the best thing we’ve learnt about.

By Ella Mackin 


In literacy we have been learning about point of views. Points of view are when you are against or you are for a topic.  If you are against it you give facts about your reason why and if you are for it you should give facts about your opinion. For example,” Tina is against for having birds in cages because its cruel”.  If you are for having birds in cages here is an example "Brian is for having birds in cages because it keeps them safe from predators."

By Holly Quinn

Sponsored Walk 

The sponsored walk was on Wednesday 1st of June. The sponsored walk was held to raise mrony for the school. P.6 have to walk ten laps around Cullyhanna football field.  P1-P7 have to wear something green for the walk.

By Lily May McQuillan